Checkout Beautiful Flower Garden

Preparing for summer gardens is an exciting adventure full of possibilities and the promise of a tasty harvest and colorful flower beds. Park Seed makes it easy to start your garden with an innovative product called Bio Dome Spongs. They are part of a unique seed starting system that promotes thick, healthy roots and reduces transplant shock. The best part is that Bio Dome sponges compost in less than two years, which means there is no waste or landfill waste added.

Many seed planting mixtures contain too much water, are not sterile and prevent oxygen from reaching the roots of baby plants. Bio Dome sponges eliminate all these concerns while promoting the absorption of nutrients. The Bio Dome seed starting system is the first step towards a beautiful garden. It comes with a tray and an insert that ensure perfect watering. Each Bio Dome sponge fits perfectly into the individual planting section of the insert and is spaced apart to avoid overfilling. With this system, planting is just a simple 3-step process! Once you have filled each bag with a sponge, simply insert the seed into the prepared hole.

The sponges ensure aeration, water retention and access to nutrients for seedlings. They also contain oilseed extract to promote plant health. After planting, mix the fertilizer with water and add it to the bottom of the system. There is a clear, ventilated dome that acts as a mini-greenhouse during germination. After the seedlings have germinated, the dome must be ventilated to ventilate the system.

Once your little plants have at least two sets of real leaves, it’s time to plant them in your house. Do not forget to harden the plants to accustom them to nature. Planting is a breeze because the Bio Dome system promotes thick roots and the sponges are biodegradable.

It just means digging planting holes and putting all the sponge in them and pushing Soil around them. It is not necessary to remove the seedling from the sponge, which reduces the transplant shock and the risk of issue to the roots. You can use the system year after year to start all your annuals and vegetables. The Bio Dome system has planting blocks or inserts available in 18, 40 or 60 cell numbers. There is even a Mega Dome system, perfect for starting cuttings, divisions or larger plants.

It is controlled by humidity and has the perfect irrigation system, just like the seed starter domes. Once you have tried this system, you will be delighted. Don’t forget to have extra Bio-Dome sponges on hand so you don’t have to wait for delivery to start your next batch of seeds. Whatever the size system you need, Park Seed has many seeds to choose from. Celebrating the company’s 150th anniversary, its anniversary flower garden collection is packaged in such a way that its landscape presents a multitude of beautiful flowers in a rainbow of colors.