Checkout Perennial Shade Gardens

Every garden has a shady corner where flowers and shrubs just don’t seem to dance. You want to spice it up with something bright and beautiful, but the task seems overwhelming. Can’t you do anything? What if you could get a magic box containing everything you need to bring color, texture and beauty to the part of the backyard that the sun does not peck? Bluestone Perennials has exactly that – a whole garden in a box, and they call it a shadow garden.

This box contains everything you need to fill a huge garden bed with flowers and foliage from spring to autumn. Yes, there are plants, about 24 in total, 19 different varieties. Some offer bright flowers, others are brightly colored or have delicately textured leaves. Some are big, some are small and all are happy in the hardiness zones 4 to 8 of the United States Department of Agriculture. Each plant is delivered in a 3.5-inch (9 cm) pot.) square and 4 inches (10 cm.) deep. Here are some special features.

Say hello to the Hostas, the queens of the foliage of the shadow garden. The selection includes Great Expectations, with its incredible yellow leaves and sea green markings, and Blue Angel, with blue-green textured leaves the size of elephant ears.

Then there’s Remember Me, a Hosta with canary yellow leaves edged with smoky green that fade to angelic white in the middle of summer.

The flowers are also Showstoppers, like the Astilbe ostrich feather, with bright pink weeping panicles and airy feathers swaying in a summer breeze. The color is rendered and intensified in the Morton foxglove, its erect flower stalks measure 3 feet (.9 m.) high and loaded with beautiful bell-shaped flowers. The choice of flowers is awesome, but that’s not the only cool thing about the shadow garden. The garden design is also included.

Perhaps you bought the shade perennials section of the garden store and switched from one to the other indecisively. Imagining a plant complimenting its neighbor takes practice, and it is just as difficult to imagine how it will look when one plant fades and another takes its place. Leave this chapter behind. With Bluestone Perennials Shade Garden, the experts have compiled the arrangement of the perennial plant bed for you and have determined which plants look best next to each other.