From Garden to Barbecue

The grill styles range from the elementary to the elegant, and every grill master always has a great time heating his grill and comparing recipes and techniques with friends and family. Belgard, the leader in outdoor living for the Terrace and beyond, knows that your garden comes to life with an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue island-the perfect place to enjoy the company of family and friends this summer.

From farm to table



Previously, grilling focused on hot dogs and burgers, and there’s nothing wrong with sticking to old favorites. But these days, modern chefs are riding the farm-to-table wave, growing fresh produce in their gardens and throwing fruits and vegetables on the grill that had never seen the light of day before.

For those who don’t have a green thumb, a trip to your local farmer’s market offers perfectly ripe seasonal products ready for outdoor cooking. From mushrooms and eggplants to pumpkins, peppers and tomatoes, everything tossed in olive oil and roasted outside on the grill just tastes a little better.

Barbecues adapted to your garden

Belgard is leading the way with a range of designs that will make your garden the pride of the neighborhood and inspire you for a barbecue. Their backyard plans include everything from basic barbecue islands to gourmet outdoor kitchens.

Barbecue islands are a bit like kitchen islands, an autonomous workspace for the cook. The Belgard barbecue islands adapt to your space and can be built from stone or concrete blocks or from the roughly hewn tandem lamina rock for a rustic touch. For a more sophisticated look, look at the chiseled stone of the Belair wall. The islands can have simple L-shapes or they can be individual and angular, depending on the shape of the roof line of the gazebo or Terrace. You can even upload a photo of the area where you want to have a barbecue island and experiment with different styles, shapes and paving colors to get the look that works best with the Belgard project viewer.