Keeping Your Garden Flea and Tick Free

Do you like gardening? If so, you will understand that nothing harms your garden faster than pests. Of course, ticks and fleas are worse. These pests will turn your garden into a mess and will also target you and your pets. These parasites want to feed on the blood of humans and domestic animals. If you don’t get rid of it immediately, you will have big problems on your hands. So how can you keep your garden free of fleas and ticks? You can find out in the complete guide below.

Use Water

If you want to get rid of fleas as quickly and safely as possible, you should think about using water. The water is completely safe and extremely effective. This is the matter because flea eggs and larvae cannot survive in water. In this sense, you should overflow them.

The water will also be able to wash away all the feces in the yard. This will eliminate your chances of survival. Water is a inexpensive, quick and easy way to remove fleas. However, you must be careful and use it safely, otherwise you will damage your plants. Just turn on the water hose and get started!

Use Cedar Shavings

Another great way to keep fleas at bay is to use cedar shavings. Believe it or not, fleas absolutely despise the smell of cedar chips. Once you have placed these fleas all over your garden, you can guarantee that the fleas will rush in the opposite direction. You can sprinkle cedar chips around your fence to prevent them from completely entering your garden. Cedar chips are completely safe and keep these pests at bay. You can find them at just about any local hardware store.

Limited access to wildlife with a beautiful garden comes with many challenges. One of these challenges will be to keep urban wildlife away. It is likely that moles, squirrels, deer, rabbits and raccoons are attracted to the vegetables they grow. Unfortunately, these warm-blooded animals are carriers of fleas and ticks.

If you find that you are constantly faced with the threat of urban wildlife, consider making your garden less attractive or more animal-friendly. Squirrels are often attracted to bird seeds, while mice like to eat shrubs and berries. Keep the wildlife away and these pests will stay away from your garden