Vegetable Garden with the Kids

I am the proud grandmother of two fabulous, intelligent and curious grandchildren. I like to think that part of my curious nature and my quest for knowledge has been instilled in each of my precious daughters. In this sense, when we play, we also often learn something.

I am a girl who likes to get her hands dirty. My garden is my sanctuary, my teacher, my comfort and my gym. So when I go to pick up the girls for a weekend or an afternoon and I’m looking for something to keep them busy, entertain them and teach them, I naturally turn to the vegetable garden. However, when gardening with children, mature-sized gardening tools can overwhelm you. So, in order to create your own garden or help you work in an existing one, you need to have child-sized gardening tools at hand.

ROCA Toys is a great place to look with their fun kid-sized tools. ROCA Gardening tools for kids include a rake, shovel, trowel, watering can and garden bag, as well as a STEM-based learning guide to teach you the basics of home gardening and help you understand where your food comes from.

Remember that learning through play and hands-on interaction is the best teaching tool.

Of course, the children will also want their own vegetable garden plot with their own tools. So be sure to take the time to sit down with them and plan the garden in advance. What do you want to grow? Look for easy, fast-growing vegetables like radishes and old favorites like cherry tomatoes and peas.

Make sure that the site is easily accessible for the garden and that there is also plenty of sunlight. Let them be responsible for general care, with a little help, of course. Soon everyone will be happily digging, planting and watering.